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Pastor Jerry Davis

Pastor Jerry Davis serves along side his wife as Teaching Pastor of Embassy Church Kingwood. He gave his heart to the Lord at age 5. He was called into ministry at the age of 15 and has served God with all his heart ever since.

Pastor Jerry is also the founder and senior director of a world-wide compassion ministry, called, “The DISASTER PASTOR NETWORK”. In the past 20 years, Jerry served in 61 countries specializing in disaster relief evangelistic campaigns. Dubbed by the news media as the “Disaster Pastor”, Jerry began relief ministry in the refugee camps of the Central American wars in 1986. He preached and smuggled Bibles into Russia in 1990. In Cuba 1991 he preached the first street rally held in Havana since Castro’s revolution. In 1994, Jerry was in the murderous Rwanda and Burundi refugee camps sharing Jesus and feeding starving children. In 1998, During Hurricane Mitch, he conducted compassion ministry throughout every country in Central America. In 1999, during the Kosovo war, Jerry was in both Kosovo and Albania sharing Christ with Muslims. A few days following the 2001 terrorist attacks on 911, his band and ministry team conducted memorial services on the streets of New York. Jerry has conducted street concerts many times following bus bombings in Israel, and the Palestinian territories. When the 2004 Tsunami killed over 300,000 people, he and his team flew to Indonesia and ministered in Muslim and Buddhist refugee camps. Following Katrina in 2005, he founded the primary relief camp in New Orleans, The Good News Camp, which provided 75 million dollars in relief and hosted 17,000 volunteers. His work has been praised by The Whitehouse, State governments, and the City of New Orleans. In 2008 Jerry responded to the cyclone which killed 130,000 in Myanmar. When no one was allowed entry, God graced Jerry’s team with a miracle entrance which enabled them in displaced persons camps, feeding thousands of children, starting an orphanage, digging water wells and supporting pastors who continue relief efforts to this day.

As of this writing, Pastor Jerry Davis, along with his network of ministry partners which include Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Kerry Shook, Kenneth Copeland, and Doug Stringer, is hosting thousands of volunteers in Galveston following the Hurricane Ike disaster. Good News Galveston has distributed 5 million dollars of goods & services.

Jerry is known for impactive preaching, soul winning teaching, and performances as a soul stirring musical artist. He sings, plays piano and guitar and has written over 150 songs, releasing three cd’s in English and one in Spanish. Aside from his passion for his wife and family and disaster relief missions work, his other great passion is The Embassy Club, which serves youth and young adults in an entertainment venue. Jerry Davis has made numerous appearances on Christian television and radio networks, including TBN, Daystar, 700 Club and KSBJ. His ministry has also been featured in Christianity Today and Charisma Magazine.


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