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Pastor Sally Davis

Pastor Sally Davis is affectionately known by her faithful congregants as PSAL. She co-pastors the dynamic movement of God, Embassy Church in Kingwood Texas together with her husband and ministry partner Jerry Davis, world re-known “disaster pastor”; as they assemble a body of believers “that grows and goes.” – INVITE PASTOR SALLY TO SPEAK

Pastor Sally passionately lives the path daily that God has destined for her life. From her early childhood years, her artistic creativity was very evident. Today she is a bubbling fountain of joy that is totally opposite to the bewildered and withdrawn personality she portrayed as a teenager. Sally lived as the product of a dysfunctional family. As a result of her parents’ divorce, she experienced physical and emotional turmoil in her young life. Although she was raised as Catholic, her parents’ family life failed to show the love of God. Her grandparents were influential in her life when she was abruptly dropped off and left at their doorstep at age eight. Six years later Sally was subjected to the harsh reality of the violence of her father’s alcoholic lifestyle. Sally’s failed attempts at suicide at age thirteen and sixteen to get away from her father’s abuse, led her to run away and face homelessness on the streets of Charlotte, NC in the middle of winter.

As a runaway teen, her survival mode and desperate need for acceptance led her along many routes. Sally’s desperate cry out to God at age seventeen showed His supernatural power when He answered her cry to Him and provided a family that cared for her with a safe roof over her head. Sally’s innate gift at photography came to light at age nineteen. Her relocation to Texas fueled the opening of her extremely successful photography studio. Her demand was such that she had clientele list over booked by up to six months wait time. Satisfied clients of prominence traveled across the continents to get their images captured through this incredible artist’s lens.

In an effort to fill the deep void in her life that her mainstream successful six figure income career failed to satisfy by not removing the pain in the middle of her heart; Sally began a search for acceptance and understanding by looking for love in all the wrong places.” She soon escalated into a life of alcohol and drug abuse as she repeatedly experienced failed relationship after relationship.

The fall of 1994 was the pivotal turning point in Sally’s search for significance as she realized that it wasn’t enough to simply “live” life without finding her true purpose for living. She recognized the need for the Sovereign God in her life. Sally surrendered to God on her knees in her closet at the age of thirty one years old, and since then has never looked back. Her intense search to know God deeper, and satisfy the spiritual hunger and thirst propelled her to study the bible daily. She hand wrote voluminous pages of bible verses until she memorized them within in her spirit. Her life since then has truly been a testament that “it’s no longer Sally who lives-but Christ who lives in her.” Sally eagerly served in multiple capacities in her church; wherever there was a need, she gave herself as a seed. Sally flourished from being on the worship team to leading the Youth Ministry. After 4 years of faithful service and dedication to her young people, Sally obeyed the direction of the Lord and stepped into the role of Senior –Co Pastor in Humble TX.

Sally’s destiny like Esther’s “for such a time as this” was given in prophecy of tongues by The Holy Spirit through Dr. Frederick KC Price of Crenshaw Ministry, Los Angeles California. Pastor Sally cherishes the continual growth of her spiritual walk with God under the tutelage of her spiritual parents, since 2002, Bishop IV and Dr. Bridget Hilliard of New Light Ministries in Texas. Pastor Sally is a sought after speaker at local and national conferences nation-wide. The transparency of her testimony ignites her audiences as this bible toting, dynamic God fearing woman of unprecedented faith spreads the flame of the love of God like wild fire. This “Texas Tornado” as she is known by fellow ministers offers a life changing message of restoration, hope and healing to regional and national audiences.

Like the Apostle Paul, PSAL agrees, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” PSAL has been truly blessed with an array of talent. It is with honor, joy and humility that she uses those talents to serve God’s people.

  • She leads the incredible voices on the Embassy praise team.
  • She developed the successful Educational Ministry Curriculum….Firm Foundation-Leadership Development and Ministry Development
  • She produced The Fabulous Life Television Series
  • She designs exquisite art work
  • She does radical changes with her “Interior Decorating” skills
  • She created her own make up line
  • She authored her first book “The Holy Spirit”, with the second book currently being penned
  • She emulates God, edifies her leaders and empowers her followers.

PSAL’s loving heart is shared with her husband and her extended family. Even though she was unable to have her own natural children, God has added countless spiritual sons and daughter to her life. Her 3 sons, 2 daughters, two daughters-in-law, 2 sons-in-law and 10 grandchildren embody the pride of her life. The race isn’t promised to the swift-but to the one who remains faithful to the fulfillment of the vision. PSAL is well on her way to taking that coveted victory lap. With the turmoil from her early years behind her-and the “joy of fresh vision” set before her; PSAL is definitely running in this life in such a way that she will obtain her prize.


Embassy Church
24862 Hwy 59 North
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